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JamminComida is a family owned business. My partner and I come from Jamaican and Puerto Rican descent. Jammin is equivalent to movement and comida food. When we met it was as if the world had brought us together. When two people of different nationalities come together there are moments of learning culture and lifestyle. To say the least it was an experience and a journey we continue to take as a family. As most humans do, we connected through food, it became our love language.

What we soon realized was while we were sharing our favorite foods we started to share the stories behind the food. Him being raised in St. Catherine Jamaica and I on the welfare system in NYC was an experience, you soon realize what was so important about these stories was the struggle to get food. We shared how we got food and the stories behind how simple foods attached to lifelong memories. At that moment we started to begin our journey in bringing food to life for all. We made a promise no food shall go to waste and started our company JamminComida in which a portion of the funds goes towards feeding those who suffer with food insecurities.

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